Personal Pics of Ceilings?

Anybody have some personal pics of ceilings painted in something other than white or off whites? Will post to all our SM outlets with a link to you #share

Worrying has never gotten me what I want

Worrying has never gotten me what I want, and hoping has never hurt me #presson

Things are looking up!

Things are looking up!

Look UP!

You see white? Me too, and I’m bored.

A new trend that’s begun to surface from glossy magazines into homes is colourful ceilings.

This is such a great way to add a little drama to any room, and to show your neighbours who is the design guru on the block!

Show’em what you’re made of!

Jane xoxo


Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

Ceilings, stairs and drawers! Oh my!

Wallpaper-Stair Tread

Wallpaper is popping up in so many unique and quirky places!
I personally am loving this trend! Adding a little pattern and colour in unexpected places gives any space a personality.

Don’t be a wallflower!

Jane xoxo